Friday, April 1, 2016

Kurt's Korner - The Idea Man

Today we present the final installment of this week's series of Kurt's Korner posts. Kurt reaches an important conclusion at the end. For easy reference, here are links to the other posts: 

I know how we can solve the main problem, which is how to make climbing access the most important job of the Forest Service. First, because WTMCC is associated with the Access Fund, we (climbers) already have a partnership with the FS in the form of a MOU (Memorandum of Use. Or if you prefer, Make Obvious Use of Kurt agreement). When your climbing partner is having a problem, is stuck or stranded, there is no question you will help them out. When the climbing community has an issue, the community helps out.

Fortunately, I have offered solutions to many of climbing's pressing problems over the last several decades. (Side note: Michael has been collecting my ideas in four notebooks covering 10 years. Stay tuned for the book.) Here are some examples:
  • With the chalk problem in the 80’s, I cut the chalk usage in the United States by 50% by dividing things up by geographic area, time of day, aspect, etc.  See “The Final Word”, CLIMBING, issue 83, page 22.
  • I addressed climbers numbers problems in CLIMBING, issue 75, page 54.
  • I took on route reporting, red pointing, and whether we need guides: “Climbing for the People”, CLIMBING, issue 87, page 5 and letters.
  • I can easily solve a bolt war with some of my ideas from a previous post in this blog, Bolt War of One. The climbing wall around the North Rim will be the first step there.
In other words, the anti-climbers aren't the only one who can write letters to the editor.

Looking ahead, I wrote the sign design program for Region 1 Forest Service (really) so I know the importance of signage. The next step is to place a sign at the Cow Creek trailhead announcing climbers are the most importance user group of the BNF. If it's displayed in a FS sign (or brochure), it must be.

There is no shortage of ideas.

Oh, and one last closing thought for the week: APRIL FOOLS!!

Other ideas to follow...

Editor's Note: It is hard to fact check non-facts. But working with Kurt this week has certainly improved our visualization skills. This should contribute to faster sends of boulder problems and crux sequences, further demonstrating the merit of Kurt's approach to problem solving. The publisher of this blog also wishes to issue a disclaimer that the Mill Creek Report does not support Trump for President. It is the belief of all involved with this blog that there is already far enough separatism, acrimony and anti-human sentiment in the world, as is routinely demonstrated by Keele and his anti-climber minority.

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