Thursday, July 18, 2013

Psicobloc Deep Water Comp Park City

Here's something that will be worth watching. Psocobloc Masters Series, August 2nd, live stream available. Sharma, Dave Graham, TC, Lynn Hill, to name but a few.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kurt's Korner - Almost Retired

Here's the latest from Kurt:

We have made great strides in the "carry Kurt's pack" issue.

With me all but retired (note to Ken – not reporting trad climbs is now AGE discrimination – a protected class by the US government), I'm pleased to report that the climbing community has at last recognized it's time to step up to the plate. Kate and Michael carried 2 ropes and hardware up to the Heap last Monday, leaving me with a load of only shoes and harness, which I was able to handle, though just.

The following weekend, Tim and Michael carried the gear and set up climbs at Rattler. They also did an Age Belay Check, which I passed, although it was close given I'd just ridden my bike from Georgetown Lake, possibly due to concern over my ability to operate a vehicle given I'm nearly retired –or possibly not.

And finally, this Monday, Kate and Michael again carried my gear in to the Heap, plus each took one of my climbing shoes. Today Michael and I leave for Lander, and with Michael's connections at North Face, I'm sure they will have already arranged for porters.

Life is good.  

Editor's Note: Every effort was made to facilitate the author of this post and publish his material in a timely manner. We hope this will serve to mitigate risk of protests from the AARP, lawsuits from equal rights lawyers, and denial of service attacks from forgotten ARPANET nodes. (Never underestimate the extent of Kurt's resources.)