Monday, April 15, 2013

Smith Rock

Way behind on getting these posted. Erik Pallister and I did a trip to Smith in mid March where we hooked up with several Missoula climbers. We had great weather. It was even too warm in the sun a couple of days, sending us seeking shade in the Aggro Gully. Here's a sampling of pictures from the trip. You can see more images on Sam's blog.


In the Aggro Gully, Toxic in the background.

Erik earning his PBR, flashing Up For Grabs (11d).

Local beta, eat breakfast here. Just down the road in Redmond.

Cool Missoula climbers.

Even cooler Missoula Portland climbers.

They look just like ants...

Rest day in Bend.

Okay, so maybe the Tick Farm isn't as crowded as Morning Glory.

June and her new friend Paige Claassen. Claassen repeated To Bolt a few days later.

More beta. Save 10 minutes with the Rufus cutoff to/from the Gorge.