Friday, November 9, 2012

UM Climbing Club Slide Show

Kurt Krueger will be giving a mountaineering slide show for the University of Montana climbing club next Wednesday, November 14th.

Many of you may only know Kurt for his unique brand of humor through his posts on this blog, or when you've run into him at Kootenai or along the base of the Tick Farm. But Kurt's been at the climbing game for over 40 years and has spent considerable time in the major mountain ranges across the planet. Kurt's levity at our local sport crags only means he knows how to keep things in perspective. He matches his approach to fit the context. When the stakes go up in the mountains, you'll never find anyone more serious or capable.

As Kurt's lifelong friend and climbing partner Bob Siegrist, father of climbing hotshot Jonathan Siegrist, said during a recent Ten Sleep trip, "Kurt's the most solid guy I've ever known."

Denali: Going from Big Mountains to Bigger Mountains 
University of Montana, University Center, Room UC 331 
Wednesday, November 14th, 6:00pm 

Email us here or leave a comment if you need more info.

Gracie and Buck packing gear and ready to go.