Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Career, Passion and 5.14

In early October, Deadpoint Magazine posted an interview with Audrey Sniezek. Sniezek had just sent her first 5.14a and 5.14b. As the interview reveals, it isn't only remarkable that she achieved this elite level, or that she's done so not as a 90-pound (or less) teenage (or younger) mutant, but rather, that she climbs world-class routes while holding down a high-pressure job as a software developer and program manager at Microsoft.

Now, word of Sniezek's achievements has spread beyond the climbing community. Microsoft technologist Scott Hanselman, creator and host of the popular and always-engaging technology podcast Hanselminutes, has just released a show featuring Sniezek. To head off any fears for non-technical listeners, the 30 minute podcast only mentions "spreadsheet" a couple of times, and instead focuses on climbing, training, and balancing job demands with the pursuit of athletic performance.

This is a great listen for anyone wondering how to manage the passion of climbing in the context of a busy life.

Access the podcast here: http://hanselminutes.com/345/world-class-climbing-with-audrey-sniezek