Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday, Aug 28th

Thanks to Tim for this report from August, 28th.

Went to Mill Creek on Saturday with Brian. Met Kurt there with his visiting coworker Laura and her husband Reed from Maryland. They did most of the Tick farm routes. Brian and I went directly to the shelf above Tick Farm. Brian let Tiger by the Tail and I did Shere Khan. I traversed too high and fell on the traverse bolt but was then aligned to climb it. Brian then led Snaggletooth and set up a TR on No Drama Obama. We both had a great time on Obama.

Brian Story and his wife Leia topped out on Pie for Strength as we were getting done with Obama. They said it was a great route. Brian said the 3rd pitch presented some challenges. Leia was getting ready to lead the 4th pitch as we left.

Daithi Firing Pitch 1 of Pie for Strength in July

Kim was also back at the tick farm with 2 friends from Tucson. She
said she loves the casual atmosphere.

On the way down the trial we encountered 20 members of a church group casually
walking up the trail to get a glimpse over the edge. They where about
half way up the trail to the climbs.