Monday, September 6, 2010

New Climbing and Philosophy Book

As a philosopher and ethicist by training, and a lifetime rock climber and alpinist, the University of Montana's Dane Scott is in a unique position to formally explore the game of climbing. In the new book Climbing, Philosophy for Everyone published this August by Wiley-Blackwell, Dane joins sixteen other authors in analyses that examine climbing within a philosophical framework.

Dane's essay, titled "Freedom and Individualism on the Rocks," pairs three seminal climbing routes with major individuals in ethics and philosophy, and examines how each climb, its era and ethics can be understood in terms of the associated philosophical tenet.

These pairings include,

Nietzsche and the Bachar-Yerian
John Stewart Mill and To Bolt of Not to Be
Charles Taylor and The Path

The book contains a forward written by elite big route speed climber Hans Florine. It is just released, and has already generated positive reviews.

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