Sunday, March 27, 2016

Defying Gravity and Gnar Pirates Youth Web Sites

To foster a love of climbing in our local youth while developing a sense of community, pride, self confidence and stewardship of the land.

--Defying Gravity

Fred Rhoderick got in touch to let us know that web sites are now on-line for both Defying Gravity and the Gnar Pirates. Defying Gravity is a non-profit organization promoting youth climbing in the Missoula area. Gnar Pirates is a Missoula-based youth competition climbing team. The two organizations are committed to giving kids in western Montana the opportunity to learn and participate in climbing through supervised activities both in the gym and outside. Membership is growing with lots of events and programs on the horizon.

Click on the following links to learn about how your child can join, upcoming events, and ways to contribute:

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