Thursday, February 25, 2016

Truck Gloves

Truck Gloves is an outdoor gear company that's recently hit the marketplace. Thanks to mutual friend EP, we had the chance to meet and share a whiskey a few nights ago at Montgomery Distillery with two Truck representatives. Brett Keyes and Evan Bouchier are currently on the road in the official Truck Sprinter van, visiting ski areas in the Rockies and Cascades to introduce their product to ski patrol, mountain rescue, and anyone else interested in warm hands. Both Keyes and Bouchier have extensive experience in the outdoor industry, including working for Black Diamond in Asia. Keyes, one of Truck's company founders, served as a senior BD project developer. Besides the sweet styling, there are two reasons to consider Truck gloves. First is the construction and design. You can tell the gloves were created by people who play outdoors and demand gear that works well, fits well, and stands up to serious use. This includes sizing options that chuck the usual S-M-LG in favor of more choices from Size 6 to 11. Second is the price. Truck skips brick-and-mortar retail for consumer-direct sales via their web site. Eliminating the middleman means Truck gloves cost about half that of comparable brands. The two models sell for $29.95 and $64.95, compared to $100 or more for comparable Black Diamond gloves. Our group wound up buying several pairs out of the Sprinter in the Caras parking lot. The company's slogan, "Distinctive Gear / Disruptive Prices," definitely applies.
June with "Mom's" new M1's.
Truck currently offers two glove models, the M1 (pictured) and M2, both targeted at the ski market. But their leather construction and soft fleece lining make them suitable for many winter applications --think ice climbing, mountain biking, approach hikes, snowmobiling, horses, chores. The company has plans to introduce cycling gloves this spring, and, with luck, belay gloves sometime in the future.

We love meeting people who are taking chances and making things happen in their lives. This is the kind of company worth supporting, and a product you'll be psyched to own.

Facebook: Footnote: Truck's Evan Bouchier is also a high-end paraglider pilot. Check out some rad footage on Black Diamond's Vimeo channel here:

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