Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reel Rock Creators and Athletes Interviewed

Climbing filmmakers Louder Than 11 (LT11) have teamed up with Brian Runnels, aka the Climbing Narc, to produce a series of interviews via live YouTube. The shows are also available for streaming and the second ties in nicely with the Reel Rock tour playing this Thursday at UM. In "LT11.tv Live Talkshow #2" Runnels interviews Reel Rock creators Josh Lowell (Big Up) and Pete Mortimer (Sender) for the first half, then switches to three of the athletes featured in the films including Yuji Hirayama, Daniel Woods and Hazel Findlay.

View or listen here.

For even more background on Reel Rock, an article about Sender's Mortimer and Nick Rosen appeared in the Boulder Weekly here .

See you all Thursday!