Friday, August 9, 2013

Big Trail Blockage

We just received word from friends hiking to the crag that a large effort has been made to obstruct the approach leading up the ridge.

For a couple of years there's been persistent removal of the cairn that marked the turn off the main hiking trail. Small branches and debris have routinely been placed across the first portion of the approach, sometimes farther up. These obstacles were easily cleared. Now the attempt or message or whatever it is has been stepped up by what seems to have been a crew of people who moved large trees and logs across the trail all the way up the ridge. From the sound of it (we've not yet seen it firsthand), it's a fairly impressive effort.

This escalation of attempts to block access to public land is unfortunate. How we'll proceed remains to be seen. For now, you should add in some extra time for the approach. Maybe some of the downfall can be cleared.

Remember also that level heads do prevail. Continue to be a good user of the area, the trails and the access roads. Keep your music down and drive slowly through the neighborhoods on the way to the trailhead. Thanks go out to all who support and enjoy the climbing at Mill.