Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lil Smokies Meet Steve Martin

Sparkered front and center on standup bass.
Lil' Smokies

One of the great parts of belonging to a group like climbing is hearing about the interests and activities of others in the community. But no matter what you did last week, it's probably a safe bet you didn't hang out with Steve Martin in a tour bus, and then play a set in the band that opened for him at Osprey field. Not unless you're Scott Parker.

A lot of people know Scotty as a V-double-digit bouldering, 5.13 crushing climber. Or at least as that "tall guy" who warms up on red problems at Freestone. For those who don't know, he's also the bass player and a vocalist in the excellent Missoula-based bluegrass band, Lil' Smokies. Thanks to a swell of support from their fans, Lil' Smokies received the most votes in a recent contest and earned the honor of opening for Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers at last Friday evening's concert.

The crowd was awesome and the Lil' Smokies killed it! Well worth hearing them play any time you have the chance. The band that followed was pretty good too... Way cool, Scotty!!

Steve Martin (white pants) and the Steep Canyon Rangers.

(Cameras weren't allowed, so we had to go with these images from the smart phone.)

Cool clouds, no rain.