Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kurt Reports Again

Kurt was in Moab a couple of weeks ago. In his idle time while sitting on sandy ledges belaying his partner up questionable chimneys (no doubt while making rare ascents of routes other climbers quickly walk past) he penned the following to add to his list of ever-original proposals:

As the self appointed official spoke person for the Mill Creek blog I wish to say I'm sorry the new guide isn't out. As our web master is overwork (read that as he is a slacker but we won’t mention his name) we will make it up to you with a new service. As you know with GIS and Apps we can get you to a climb easily. Soon, we will also get you up the trad cracks. With the GIS letting up know your position as you climb, the App (TBD) will use hands-free voice synthesis to let you know when to place a piece and which one to use. Now that I have thought of the idea, the hard part is done. All Ken has left to do is code up the App stuff and enter all the data. We assume it will be finished in a week.

Until then, and since we have cell coverage at the crag, if you need to know a placement while on one of the routes, just call 406-999-9999 and ask for Ken. If demand is high enough, we will also enter data for the sport routes to help climbers find the bolts as they climb and to sound an alarm when a long draw or runner is needed.