Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kurt Reports In

Kurt sent in this report from climbing last weekend (April 14):

Without the newly named "Rain Boys" (Ken and Tim who went climbing on stormy Sunday instead of one of the perfect spring days Friday and Saturday) the rest of us made due at Mill Creek on Saturday. No new routes were done but major advances were completed by Kurt. With the "Big Science Area" using names derived from academia, he has come up with a name for his crack project in the dihedral: "Crack a Book." Also, Kurt completed the coveted 2nd ascent of the Tic or Treat crack on the far right side of the Tiger Stripe Wall. He said: "It helped that I also did the first ascent - all the pro and moves were known." He also mentioned someone "unknown" had started a route** to the right of Give and Take and it doesn’t look to be a crack like the rest of the climbs over there. "It wouldn't be that much work to drill 542 one-inch holes to make another crack," said Kurt. "Though that might cause some controversy."

**Ken's project "War Crazed Culprits." It's gonna be sick!