Friday, January 20, 2012

Trad Climbs

We wound up with a picture from the hike in the other day that does a great job of illustrating the concentration of cracks on the east side of the amphitheater. Since the majority of these climbs owe credit in one form or another to Kurt Krueger, we'll include the Green Bay Packer symbology used in the guide to denote a North Rim trad line.

Not Just Sport Climbs

  • Because It's There (5.9R) Concept by Kurt Krueger. FA B.Hapak, K.Hanson, June 2011. Second Ascent K.Krueger, M.Moore.
  • Li'l Crack (5.7) FA T.Karst, K.Krueger, July 2010.
  • Give and Take (5.11-) Opened by K.Krueger, T.Karst. FA J.Selwyn, Sep 2010.
  • Didn't See It But It's There (5.9) FA K.Krueger, Sep 2011.
  • Because This One Is Also There (5.9-) FA K.Krueger, Aug 2011.
  • Because You Can't Ask For More (5.9) FA K.Krueger, Sep 2011.
  • Wild At Heart (5.8) FA Alec Sundet, Aug 2011.

As stated in previous blog posts, some of the "Cracktrilogy" climbs (the three rightmost cracks in the image) had signs of previous ascents. We welcome history of who climbed them and when. Until such a time, we've used the names and ascent dates from Kurt.

Now rack up and go plug some cams!