Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ten Sleep Challenge

Center El Shinto, French Cattle Ranch Sector

Ten Sleep, Wyoming was certainly the place to go this summer, and not just for the Missoula crew who made repeat trips. Seems other Montana locales were also driving to the Big Horns and pulling on the Dolomite.

Local Ten Sleep climber Ali Rainey posted an end-of-summer top 10 report on the Petzl blog. In it, she had this to say,
6. Bozeman climbers--wow. They are STRONG! I’ve never seen so many peeps who can throw down 5.13+ so quickly who aren’t from Boulder or Salt Lake City. It’s not a big city (about 40,000 people). I’m impressed. I wish I knew all of their names to list, but I don’t. Suffice it to say, watch out for the Bozeman climbing crowd.

If ever there was a challenge, there it is! Come on, Missoula climbers. The winter training season is just around the corner. Get your psyche on, get strong, and next year, it's on to Ten Sleep to represent!!